Compensation and Benefits

Salary is not just an expense

KEYENCE offers good compensation and benefits for the employees with the way of thinking that all employees are the most valuable asset of the organization and their consistent effort is the key to our success. Therefore, for Keyence, salary is not just an expense. It is an investment for one of the most essential factors that creates the high performance of the company.

Create Win-Win relationship with employees

Unlike the other high-performing sales companies, Keyence does not have any commission rewarding systems. Instead, Keyence provides a unique monthly valuable bonus called ‘Win-Win Incentive (WWI)’, apart from their base salary and other allowances.

The concept of this incentive is that “The profit we make is a result of employee’s efforts.” Therefore, we distribute certain percentage of company’s monthly profits back to all employees including non-sales positions every month. This creates Win-Win relationship with employees and the company. Every employee always thinks together how to make bigger profits, then continues to improve themselves as well as drives the company’s growth, which finally affects their own salary package.

KEYENCE Compensation and Benefits: Sales Engineer / Sales Consultant

Monthly salary package For new graduates: 45,000 – 55,000 / month
Official bonus season Four times a year (April, July, October, January)
Welfare Life insurance
Medical insurance
Dental fee
Provident fund
Overtime food
Life event support welfare
Annual health check-up
Monthly team-target achievement party
New year refreshment allowance
Other subsidies Gasoline fee
Toll way fee
Long distance allowance
Company laptop
Company mobile phone
Anything else that you need to use for working, the company will prepare.