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Training and Development

KEYENCE is committed to adding value to your career. We believe that employees' continuous development is one of essential things that has strengthened our organization to become a global leader. Therefore, we provide all necessary trainings for you to successfully become a professional for your career, as your development is our priority.

Sales Training Program

Start-up Training KEYENCE business philosophy | Sales skill training | Hands-on product training | Join sales visit | Role play Training | Territory Assignment | On-the-job training Start-up Training KEYENCE business philosophy | Sales skill training | Hands-on product training | Join sales visit | Role play Training | Territory Assignment | On-the-job training

1. Start-up Training

KEYENCE business philosophy
Your career will begin with a thorough understanding of our philosophy, our core values and what differentiates us from other companies. Our KEYENCE philosophy is the origin of our management model that leads us to become one of the most innovative companies in the world. Through learning our philosophy, you can develop your business mindset to deliver value-added products and service to customers, and strive to achieve our common goals together.
Sales skill training
As KEYENCE consultative sales is very unique, unlike a traditional sales style, we have to understand customers’ problems and try to recommend the best solution to address the problems. Through this training, you will learn consultative selling techniques and all necessary skills to work as a sales person such as problem-solving skill, negotiation skill, and communication skill which are the important keys to success.
Hands-on product training
As our products are innovative products, you will receive KEYENCE product knowledge training to ensure that you can deliver the suitable solutions to our customers. This training will start from a very basic knowledge. Therefore, an employee without engineering background can also learn and become a professional sales person in the near future.
Join sales visit
After you have learned the sales skill and basic knowledge of our products, you will start joining seniors to visit customers and learn how to identify customers’ need in each situation, how to respond to them, how to introduce our products and how to sell in the real situation.
Role play training
Simulation is also one of our core training methods. In this training, a senior employee plays a role as a customer in order to visualize the real situation to help you practice, learn and develop your skills, which can be applied when you visit customers.

2. Territory Assignment

After getting all of the above trainings, you will be assigned to be in charge of a certain territory as a main sales person. You will also have a chance to develop a suitable sales strategy for the responsible area by analyzing the market and customer situation to maximize sales opportunities for that area, all by yourself which is also very challenging.

Therefore, whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced person, from your very early stage, you will have a challenge to take ownership and responsibility for doing all meaningful assignments related to sales.

3. On-the-job Training

In KEYENCE, we believe in ‘Learning by doing’. Therefore, after the territory assignment, you will continuously receive trainings and advices from seniors through your daily business activity to help you strengthen your skills and knowledge to perform better in your job.

Corporate Training Program

Support from our corporate teams ensure that our sales employees can focus on their roles and our customers. We have the strongest teams continuously supporting our sales operations.

We have a technical team to train and develop our sales employees' technical skills, a marketing team to analyze the market to increase business opportunities, a logistics team to provide quick delivery, an accounting team to take care of all transactions for the company, a repair team to check and provide repair services to customers for our high-technology products, an IT team to enhance our work environment and ensure the security of information, a general affairs team to provide corporate support for the company, and an HR team to take care of everything related to our employees and so on.

And we always believe that people learn the best by doing. Therefore, each department designs specialized corporate on-the-job training to develop employees' knowledge in all aspects of their role within the organization. You will learn by being shared the knowledge and expertise from experienced employees, and start doing meaningful work from day one.

Management Development Program

In KEYENCE, we don’t promote each employee based on seniority. On the other hand, performance-based promotion is what we use. We promote the ones who perform well, create higher value, lead by example, and demonstrate the KEYENCE philosophy. Both sales and corporate members, as long as you have the ability and effort, you can be quickly nominated as a candidate for management position through this Management Development Program (MDP).

Management Development Program (MDP) is a 6-month program that will develop your critical leadership skills. In this program, you will have a chance to take the actual role and responsibilities as a manager, so you can learn all the necessary knowledge and skills for being a manager through the program.
Your experience of completing this program will be a step forward for your future promotion.